Think outside the search box

Crafting Boolean strings is error prone and inefficient. One misplaced bracket and they no longer work. Or worse still, they work but not in the way you intended.

Boolean Blocks is a repository of search templates created with re-usable building blocks. You can use it to find social profiles for recruitment, sales or marketing activities.

If you see a search you like, just use it as it is. If not, you can assemble your own by combining re-usable blocks (like Lego). Pick the sites you want to search, then choose your job type, location, skills, keywords, and anything else you need.

Editing blocks is easy. You can add or remove terms, suggest terms – it’s all just drag and drop. You can test and iterate to build the perfect search, and undo or redo any action and see your search results update dynamically. When you’re done, you can save or share with your colleagues.

Don’t waste time with brackets and BS (Boolean Syntax). Think outside the search box.